Environmental, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology

Paola C. L√≥pez-Duarte, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Behavior and ecology of invertebrates and fish, larval population connectivity, food web interactions in coastal communities.

Eugenia Lo, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., malaria life cycle and host-cell interactions in the environment.

Matthew Parrow, Associate Professor., Ph.D., North Carolina State University. Eukaryotic microbial ecology and physiology; biology of harmful algae.

Adam M. Reitzel, Professor.  Ph.D., Boston University. Evolution and ecology of coastal invertebrates.

Christine Richardson, Professor. Ph.D., Columbia Univesity. DNA damage and repair; ecotoxicology of bioflavonoids, pesticides, and flame retardants as TopII inhibitors.

Boa-Hua Song, Associate Professor.  Ph.D., Beijing Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. Plant evolutionary and ecological genetics and genomics.

Todd Steck, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Molecular microbiology, cystic fibrosis microbiome, antibiotic resistance.