Welcome to the 2022-2023 Year!

Truly -- Each and every one of you is welcome here. No matter your personal circumstances or experiences, your professional goals or plans after UNC Charlotte, your religious affiliation, the color of your skin, or your personal identity—You are all welcome here. In Biological Sciences you will receive support from an outstanding group of department and office staff without whom we could not function. You will receive guidance from an amazing team of advisors. You will be mentored by a dedicated group of faculty who teach classes and oversee research. You are welcome to take advantage of all that our department has to offer, and you are welcome to leave your own mark and your own imprint on our department and community. I also challenge each of you to welcome someone else. Welcome a new face to our space. Bring someone to a club meeting or to a study session. Help someone find their way through the confusing hallways to class. I look forward to the energy of being on campus and in our buildings, and I look forward to the incredible strides we will make when we come together as a truly welcoming community of scholar scientists.

Christine Richardson, Professor and Chair