Faculty spotlight

Dr. Shan Yan and colleagues search for a better understanding of how the body senses oxidative stress signals that could offer insights into how cancers and neurodegenerative disorders develop. Read more…..


Danillo Augusto

… one of our newest Assistant Professors has a new 5 year NIH R01 award totaling $3.3 M to support his research on The Variation of the NK Cell Receptome in Pemphigus. This adds to his 2022 new NIH R21 award on the project Defining Variation in the Natural Killer Cell Receptome in Human Populations funded for 3 years for $600K.

OTHER New Awards in 2022

Ian Marriott

…. received a new NIH R01 award for 5 years to fund the project entitled Substance P exacerbation of staphylococcal bone damage.

Kausik Chakrabarti

….was awarded a new NIH/NIAID Diversity Research Supplement grant award that will support his Ph.D student Ms. Kaitlin Klotz for two years working on RNA-protein interactions in telomerase related to his NIH/NIAID R15 award for the project entitled Decoding RNA-Protein Interactions in Trypanosoma Telomerase.

Shan Yan

…. received a new NIH/NCI R03 grant titled Mechanism of APE2 in genome integrity