Thesis Based Masters Program


The thesis-based MS program requires a total of 30 credit hours to include 4 required courses core curriculum, minimum of 1 elective course, and a minimum of 1 credit hour of research and thesis. Students may concentrate in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental biology (MCD) and Environmental, Ecology, and Evolutionary biology (E3B) but are not required to do so. Each student must pass an oral qualifying exam, a thesis proposal approval, and submit and defend an MS thesis.


  • BIOL6101 Hypothesis Testing
  • BIOL6102 Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL6140 Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOL6260 Careers in Bioscience: Professional Development


Total of 30 credit hours to include:

  • 4 courses core curriculum
  • At least 1 elective
  • A minimum of 4 credit hours of research
  • Thesis


  • Second semester— Form a supervisory/thesis committee.
  • Third Semester–The qualifying examination
  • Third Semester–Thesis research proposal in and oral defense to the supervisory committee.
  • Final Semester— Written thesis, public presentation and oral defense
  • Average time to completion of the MS degree in the program currently is 2.5 years


Molecular, Cellular, Developmental, Biology
Environmental, Ecology, Evolutionary, Biology
Financial Aid

Students have an opportunity for teaching assistantships or research assistantships and need-based tuition assistance determined by FASFA filings may be made by the Graduate School.

Teaching Assistantships
North Carolina Residency

M.S. Students



Program Graduate Faculty

For more information contact:

Adam Reitzel, Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Programs Director

9201 University City Blvd.
Woodward Hall 381A
Charlotte, NC 28223