External Travel Award Opportunities and Deadlines

Graduate student external Travel Award opportunities and deadlines.

Now available: Graduate student Travel Award to attend a meeting and present your work $500. There are two awards each year. Click on the link below to apply.

Graduate Student Travel Award

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Fellowship of Graduate Student Travel. Up to $2000.

Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research Program. Up to $1000. Students use the funding to pay for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for the purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project. (This is NOT eligible for incentive money from Graduate School.)

Travel Scholarship to attend annual SACNAS conference.

Association for Women in Science Educational Award. Award up to $5000 for travel expenses incurred when attending a conference or receiving specialized training away from home. Awards can be used for registration, transportation, housing, per diem or dependent care. Must be female.