Overview of BIOL 4701

  • Capstone course to the Honors program
  • Laboratory Research – based course
  • Conduct research in the research laboratory of your Honors Research Advisor (i.e., continue and finish experiments aimed at addressing your question of interest)
  • Write your Honors Thesis
  • Present and defend your research (oral presentation) at a scientific meeting or special seminar
  • MUST: Approval / signature of the final presentation and thesis by
    • Your Advisor
    • Your committee members
    • The Biological Sciences Honors Program Coordinator (i.e., Dr. Dréau)
    • You will need to interact with your committee in advance of the deadline for submission of the Honors College Form (page 2) and to come to an agreement and complete the form BEFORE the deadline.

Students who fail to complete page 2 of this application to the Honors College prior to the deadline will not be able to graduate with Honors in Biological Sciences.