Honors Program Preparation

Preparing to enroll in Honors Program in Biological Sciences

As a Freshman, Sophomore and/or Transfer Student, you should

  • Make sure to have an excellent academic record. So, focus on your studies.
  • Plan your course timeline accordingly
    • Complete BIOL 3111 (Cell Biology) with a grade of A or B in time to apply to the Honors Program.
    • Take courses, which complement your research interests in the Honors Program.
  • Get familiar with the wide range of research fields and disciplines conducted in the DBS through
    • Attending seminars in the Department of Biological Sciences;
    • Consider research opportunities in the Department of Biological Sciences (e.g. BIOL 3900);
    • Attending talks or research conferences on campus, such as the UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference, or the annual meeting of the North Carolina Academy of Science;
    • Participating in Tri Beta or the Biological Sciences Honorary Society.

More detailed information for each of these endeavors can be found on the Department of Biological Sciences website.

  • Identify a Faculty member that is willing to mentor your research efforts; read about his/her research program and his/her publication and then talk with faculty or members of their laboratory groups to solidify your interests