Overview of BIOL 4700

  • Laboratory Research – based course
  • Conduct research in the research laboratory of your Honors Research Advisor (i.e., carry out experiments aimed at addressing your question of interest)
  • Identify your Honors Thesis Committee which will help direct your research
  • MUST apply and be admitted to the Honors College.
    • This formal application to Honors College occurs during BIOL 4700 by filling out and submitting page 1 of the Application to Candidacy Form before the deadline listed on the Honors College website.
    • Submission of page 1 of this form requires
      • A title
      • Discipline-specific description of the proposed project/research
      • A lay-person summary description of the work
      • Signature from
        • Your Advisor
        • Your committee members
        • The Biological Sciences Honors Program Coordinator (i.e. Dr. Dréau)
        • You will need to interact with your committee in advance of the deadline for submission of the Application to Candidacy Form to come to an agreement and complete the form BEFORE the deadline (link to Honors college deadline page)*.

Students who fail to complete page 1 of the application to the Honors College prior to the deadline will not be able to register for BIOL 4701 the following semester, and will not be able to graduate with Honors in Biological Sciences.

2nd Semester Senior year: BIOL 4701 Honors Research II (3 course credit hours and one laboratory credit in Biological Sciences)

BIOL 4701 counts as a Writing Intensive (W) and Oral Intensive (O) course, and is also considered a laboratory course in Biological Sciences. So, successful completion of BIOL 4701 accounts for 3 course credit hours and one laboratory credit in Biological Sciences that is writing and oral intensive