Overview of BIOL 4601

  • Lecture-based seminar course
  • Introduction to the scientific method, ethics, peer review, and professional development
  • Specific discussions designed to facilitate success in scientific research
  • Include such topics as accessing relevant literature, selecting and designing a research project, applying for funding to support research, analysis of data, and presentation of research in a scientific format.
  • Active learning tasks will include evaluations of selected publications and oral presentations of such critiques.
  • Identify a faculty researcher in Biological Sciences (or related program) that agrees to be your mentor and your Honors Research Advisor.
  • Write a research proposal that will serves to focus your future experiments. This is done with input from your Honors Research Advisor.

Note: BIOL 4601 substitutes for BIOL 4600 Senior Seminar: so, if you successfully complete Honors Seminar, you do not have to take Senior Seminar.

1st Semester Senior year: BIOL 4700 Honors Research I (3 course credit hours and one laboratory credit in Biological Sciences)