Honors Program Benefits

Benefits associated with participation in the Honors Program in Biological Sciences

A key step in your scholarly endeavors

  • A bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences may not be your terminal degree

Distinction: Completion of Honors Program in Biological Sciences is a unique learning experience which provides ample opportunity for distinction

  • An edge in the competition for admission to graduate or professional schools
  • Time commitment & management, resilience and research accomplishment that few undergraduates can claim.
  • Learning efforts well beyond the classroom
  • Presentation and possible publication of your work are significant achievements
  • Direct interaction with a faculty researcher for over a year often provides very strong recommendations.

Research Experience:

  • An edge if you are interested in careers, employment, and accomplishment in the biological sciences
  • A way to find out if you want to be part of a scientific research team
  • Gain of practical experience at the laboratory bench research that will be attractive to industries, research universities, and even governmental research facilities

The best way to learn about research in the biological sciences is to do it!


  • Enjoying gaining in-depth knowledge about a subject that is of great interest to you
  • If the endeavor happens to fit into your future career or employment goals, great! Your Honors Thesis project could be the first step toward such a career.
  • If not, the intellectual and practical experience of discovering something new is an undertaking that you will never forget.