Danillo Augusto, PhD

DEI Director
Assistant Professor

RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Genetics of the immune system, molecular biology, genomics, transcriptomics, human population genetics, molecular basis of disease mechanisms LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. AUGUSTO’S RESEARCH LAB WORK

Tonya C. Bates, MS

Senior Lecturer

AWARD 2020 Recipient of the UNC Charlotte Teaching Excellence Award; 2015 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Award for Outstanding Teaching Teaching by a Full-Time Lecturer Award TEACHING CONCENTRATION: Microbiology MORE ABOUT TONYA

Sharon Bullock, PhD

Biotechnology Minor Program Coordinator
Teaching Professor

TEACHING CONCENTRATION:Molecular and Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Pathophysiology MORE ABOUT DR. BULLOCK

Tuan Cao, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor


Morgan Carter, PhD

Assistant Professor
Bioinformatics Building

RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Molecular host-microbe-microbe interactions; plants, fungi, and bacteria LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. CARTER’S RESEARCH LAB WORK

Kausik Chakrabarti, PhD

Associate Professor

RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Genome Replication, Dynamic structure of Telomerase, Transcriptomics, Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Human Parasitic and Viral Diseases. LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. CHAKRABARTI’S RESEARCH LAB WORK

Richard Chi, PhD

Associate Professor

RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Molecular and Cell Biology. Membrane trafficking, yeast genetics, protein biochemistry, molecular biology and live cell fluorescence microscopy LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. CHI’S RESEARCH LAB WORK

Didier Dréau, PhD

Director for Undergraduate Research

AWARD 2020 CLAS Excellence in Teaching: Integration of Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Mechanisms of Cancer Metastasis, Vascular and Immune Interactions During Cancer Growth. LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. DREAU‘S RESEARCH LAB WORK

Farzana Ferdous, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Teaching Concentration:Principles of Biology, Parasitology, Animal Health Research Concentration: Host-pathogen interaction, the immunological capacity of nucleated platelets (thrombocytes), and immunomodulatory properties of mesoporous silica nanoparticles. 

Kristen Funk, PhD

Assistant Professor

RESEARCH CONCENTRATION: Neuroinflammation of neuroinfectious and neurodegenerative diseases LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. FUNK’S RESEARCH LAB WORK