Black Students in Science Club (BSS)

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Black Students in Science Executive Board
  • Founding President – Isha Wilson
  • Vice President – Martia Thomas
  • Secretary – Estelle Besong
  • Treasurer – Mariza Brooks
  • Co-President – Ulyssa Robertson
  • Co-Vice President – Torri Weathers
  • Co-Treasurer – Goodness Okafor

Black Students in Science provides a safe space for Black students majoring/minoring in various sciences or on pre-health tracks to share experiences, stories, strategies, ideas, inventions, thoughts, and adventures. We host discussions about the encounters one may have while being Black in any of the several fields of science. We are committed to giving a voice to Black science students, who may often feel displaced, rejected, isolated, or forgotten in their rigorous fields of academics. We aim to cultivate, maintain, and expand a space where students can openly discuss their frustrations and concerns with things they have observed or experienced inside and outside of our campus. This can be done with hopes of BSS having the platform to help demand change and progression along with highlighting issues that are often overlooked by those who are not directly involved or impacted. It is our hope that in this safe space Black science students from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to be heard, acknowledged, and uplifted so that they may be encouraged to continue and excel in their futures in the sciences. Contact email: