Genome Integrity Group

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The Genome Integrity Group (GIG) at UNC Charlotte is made up of a collaborative group of investigators involved in interdisciplinary research to understand DNA replication, recombination, damage and repair mechanisms in cancer and other human diseases. The GIG at UNC Charlotte aims to develop novel technologies and methodologies to investigate genome integrity. In addition to publishing high impact research, the GIG aims to provide an enriching training environment for Postdoctoral researchers, Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Current members include Dr. Shan Yan (Molecular mechanisms of genome integrity and cancer etiology), Dr. Christine Richardson (DNA recombination and repair and cancer biology), Dr. Andrew Truman (Role of Molecular chaperones in the DNA damage response), Dr. Kausik Chakrabarti (RNA regulation in human pathogens and telomerase), and Dr. Junya Tomida (DNA repair, kinase regulation, cancer carcinogenesis and metastasis). This group meets every month for presentations by lab members and discussions and collaborations within the GIG group. Click the below links to more information on specific labs:

  • Dr. Kausik Chakrabarti

  • Dr. Christine Richardson

  • Dr. Junya Tomida

  • Dr. Andrew Truman

  • Dr. Shan Yan

research areas of GIG faculty