• Biological Sciences faculty grants top  $4 Million this year.

  • External funding award dollars to faculty in the Biological Sciences department are the 2nd highest among all units and across all colleges at UNC Charlotte.

  • Biological Sciences faculty grants from NIH, NSF, NOAA, and private foundations totaled  $3.39 million in 2020-2021.

  • 80% of NIH R01 grant projects on campus are led by faculty in Biological Sciences and its affiliated Ph.D. in Biological Sciences program.

Faculty spotlight


Dr. Andrew Truman and his research team strive to cure cancer one PTM at a time.

Areas of Excellence

Biomolecular Structure, Dynamics, and Function

Genome Integrity and Cancer

Host-Microbe Interactions in Health, Disease, Environment



Brittany Johnson
...received an NIH R03 award for the research entitled "RIG-I as a therapeutic target for bacterial CNS infection: A pilot study". Dr. Johnson is our newest Assistant Professor whose appointment started this summer 2021.
Kausik Chakrabarti
.... received a Flash Grant award from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center entitled “Discovering Gene Regulatory Hotspots for Malaria Therapeutics”
Richard Chi
... received an NSF award in response to a Dear Colleague Letter: Research Experience for Post-Baccalaureate Students (REPS) in the Biological Sciences. The funding will support two underrepresented minorities to conduct independent research in Dr. Chi's lab for the next year.
Junya Tomida
.... received an NIH/NCI R15 award for the research entitled “Synergistic DNA repair genes and sensitivity to radiation therapy in prostate cancer“

New Awards in 2021

Adam Reitzel

.... received 3 years support NSF award "RoL: NSFDEB-BSF: Studying the evolution of the antiviral pathway in a cnidarian model interacting with diverse viral communities". 

.... and his colleagues Chris Maher (Director of Research Computing), Dan Janies (BINF), Aidong Lu (CS), Samira Shaikh (CS), and Ed Smith (Research Associate, BIOL) received a new NSF award "Networking Infrastructure: Advanced Network for Research at UNC Charlotte".

Andrew Truman

.... and co investigators Junya Tomida (BIOL), Shan Yan (BIOL), and Christine Richardson (BIOL) received an NIH/NCI R01 award "Understanding the reciprocal regulation between Hsp70 and the DNA damage response"