• External funding to Biological Sciences faculty topped $5 Million in 2021-22.

  • External funding award dollars to faculty in Biological Sciences are the 2nd highest among all units and across all colleges at UNC Charlotte.

  • Over 80% of NIH R01 grant projects on campus are led by faculty in Biological Sciences and its affiliated Ph.D. in Biological Sciences program.

Faculty spotlight


Dr. Eugenia Lo and her team are studying how the malaria plasmodium infects different individuals.

Areas of Excellence

Biomolecular Structure, Dynamics, and Function

Genome Integrity and Cancer

Host-Microbe Interactions in Health, Disease, Environment


Danillo Augusto

... our NEWEST faculty member has a new NIH R21 award on the project "Defining Variation in the Natural Killer Cell Receptome in Human Populations". This award is funded for 3 years for a total of > $600,000

Eugenia Lo

... was awarded prestigious NIH R01 grant entitled Plasmodium vivax Erythrocyte Invasion Mechanisms and Humoral Immune Response in Duffy Negative Africans. This award is funded for 5 years for a total of $3,224,551

Tingting Xiang
...was awarded $1,370,777 from NSF for her project "Collaborative Research: EDGE CMT: Discovery and functional characterization of genes that govern ciliate-algal symbiosis" (4 years). Her collaborative team includes Dr. Adam Reitzel (UNC Charlotte) and Robert Jinkerson (UCR).
Brittany Johnson

...was awarded two grants this year: NIH R03 entitled Molecular mechanisms underlying glial inflammatory responses to Neisseria meningitidis: A pilot study and NIH R03 entitled RIG-I as a therapeutic target for bacterial CNS infection: A pilot study.

Junya Tomida
.... received an NIH/NCI R15 award for the research entitled “Synergistic DNA repair genes and sensitivity to radiation therapy in prostate cancer“

OTHER New Awards in 2022

Bao-Hua Song

.... received a new NIH R15 award for the project entitled Unraveling the molecular basis of phytochemical accumulation toward improved human health.

Kausik Chakrabarti

....and his co-investigator Andrew Truman received an NIH/NIAID R15 award for the project entitled "Decoding RNA-Protein Interactions in Trypanosoma Telomerase".

Juan Vivero Escoto, Pinku Mukherjee, and Shan Yan
.... Juan Vivero-Escoto lead PI and the team of researchers Shan Yan, Pinku Mukherjee, Jian Cheng, and Jen Yeh (co-PIs) received a 5-year NIH/NCI R01 grant to study "Stimuli-responsive mucin1-specific nanoparticles for efficacious combinatorial chemotherapy of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma"