M.D. Ph.D. Program

The National Research Council, in addressing the nation’s changing needs for biomedical and behavioral sciences, indicates that there is a need for physician-scientists. This program is designed to facilitate the progress of a physician toward the completion of the Ph.D. The student will apply to the Ph.D. program and will complete all of the requirements for the degree, except that the course schedule will reflect credit being given for courses taken in the medical school curriculum. This should significantly reduce the time involved in completing the formal portion of the program. While the time required for the dissertation portion of the program cannot be specified, it is anticipated that the program can be completed in approximately 36 months.

Application Process

The applicant will follow the general guidelines for all applicants to the program, except that the requirement for the standardized test (GRE) may be waived for applicants with a M.D. from a U.S. institution.

Degree Requirements

The program requires 72 post-baccalaureate credit hours. Transfer credit up to 30 hours will be assigned for courses taken in the medical school curriculum following evaluation of the transcripts and approval by the Gradaute Coordinator and the departmental Graduate Committee. Transfer credit may be given for both required core and elective courses. All other degree requirements for the Ph.D. degree must be met.  Given the accelerated program of course work, the candidacy exam and thesis topic proposal and typically completed by the end of the 3rd semester.


Clinical Shifts: The student may work limited clinical shifts (4-6/month), to provide a basic income while in the program and will likely receive staff employee benefits.

Grants: The student will be encouraged to submit grant applications for additional support of salary and research costs, paticularly those targeted toward physician-scientists. Some examples of relevant funding agencies include:

  • SAEM- Resident Research Award
  • EMF- Research Fellowship
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health Services Foundations
  • NIH Predoctoral Fellowships